On Government instructions, Baptisms and Weddings are not to take place in church during the Coronavirus emergency. (Emergency baptisms can happen in hospitals or homes, observing the instructions about social distancing.)

We realise this is one of the most distressing aspects of the current situation, and the restrictions are not ones that anybody would want.
Funerals can take place in any of our churches, but with a number of conditions about numbers, social distancing and music.
At crematoria and cemeteries, social distancing and self-isolation constraints have to be observed, and local authoroties may impose additional rules.
We will do everything we can to be in touch with the bereaved.
We will do everything we can to arrange worthy and meaningful memorial services when the emergency regulations have ended.

A simple reflection at home on the day of a funeral you can’t attend  HERE
A single prayer card HERE
Light a candle in memory of a loved one HERE