History of St Mary's

The church of St Mary the Virgin stands next to Goldsborough  Hall. The oldest part of the church dates back to Norman times. The people of the Hall had their own entrance.

The church was finished in 1350. The oldest of the three bells dates from 1380, the others from 1407.

Gilbert Scott oversaw the restoration in 1859.

Two effigies feature Sir Richard de Goldesburgh IV c1300 and his son Sir Richard de Goldesburgh V c1330

Tomb of Sir Richard de Goldesburgh IV, died c.1300

This monument was created as an integral part of the chancel.  It would have reminded priests celebrating mass at the high altar and in the north chapel to pray for Sir Richard’s soul.

The figure was carved by one of the finest English sculptors of the early 14th century. 

Sir Richard’s clothing and equipment are shown in great detail, with remarkable realism. 

His long sleeved surcoat and the burial face cloth (drawn back over the top of his head) are rarely seen on medieval effigies.

Sir Richard’s wife, Eva, is commemorated by the dark slab on the floor beside him and their eldest son, by the knight on the chest tomb opposite.

Tomb of Sir Richard de Goldesburgh V, died c.1330

Sir Richard’s finely carved effigy is one of the best preserved in the county and his tomb chest still has the remains of its paintings.  These show the figures of saints along the side, including St Paul (far right), and the Coronation of the Virgin (on the head end). 

These paintings a very rare survival and show how most tomb chests would have looked originally.  The effigy, too, would have been fully painted when it was new.  For instance, the shield on his left arm would have been coloured with the family’s arms,  a silver cross on a blue background.

Sir Richard’s parents are commemorated on the opposite side of the chancel.

The ‘Byerley Memorial’ sculptured by Joseph Wilton, stone mason to King George III and founder of theRoyal Academy  in 1769. A sarcophagus-shaped wall-tablet commemorates Daniel Lascelles (1784) who had purchased the estate in 1762 (details of the Lascelles involvement in the slave trade are here).

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