Teas on the Terrace

A beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and what could be nicer than Teas on the Terrace?

Making my way to the Hub I espied Claire and a group of happy children enjoying their Teddy Bears' picnic in the gardens north of the church. We exchanged cheery waves - a heart warming sight.

A table simply groaning with mouth watering freshly made cakes of every description greeted me as I ventured into the Hub and Elaine suitably poised with knife ready to slice. I watched the reactions of visitors as they wandered in and amused as they raised their arms in complete surprise at the goodies on display. Longing for a cuppa I made my way into the kitchen to find daughter Niki, Pam and Shona, complete with pretty aprons, beavering away preparing trays of tea, complete with teapot, hot water, jug milk, sugar and plates of freshly baked scones with jam and cream and choice of cake, for the influx of visitors - the Ritz could not do better.

No point in hanging around in here; my place is on the patio soaking in the sun and admiring the scenery, (never tire of gazing at that).  A tray arrived with the welcome cuppa and one of Pam's amazing scones. Greeting visitors as they wandered through was very entertaining. Most were amazed at such a delightful spot we have, such a peaceful oasis away from traffic and crowds and happily relaxed to be waited on in grand style. As I happily munched on my scone I could hear constant murmurs of how lucky they were to find this. Very lucky indeed!

Yvonne Spencer