Baptism of an adult

We are delighted that you want to explore being baptised.

Nowadays many adults were not baptised (or christened – same thing) in infancy, and would like to consider it now to signify their adult belief in the Christian faith. Whereas babies or young children have their parents and godparents acting on their behalf, once you are old enough to understand the Christian faith, you can make the promises yourself.

It is important to see baptism as a part of your journey in faith in Christ and not in isolation – a process of exploration as much as a destination.  In the early days of Christianity, "initiation" into the faith took the form of being baptised with water and having hands laid upon you with prayers for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Gradually the two actions became separate - baptism took place, often the baptism of children, and then at a later stage the laying on of hands, which we now know of as confirmation. Both baptism and confirmation preceded the receiving of Holy Communion.

It is very usual nowadays for people to be baptised, and to be confirmed as adults: there is no right or wrong age. There is no upper age limit, and indeed the experiences of later life – redundancy, retirement, bereavement – often open up new possibilities of exploration.

Whatever your age, and in all instances, the wisest next step is to talk to the clergy or a trusted Christian friend. They will accompany you, and support and encourage you; and they will be encouraged by your exploration.