The clergy count it a privilege to be invited to conduct the funeral of a parishioner. 

Whilst he can be contacted direct, often arrangements are made through the funeral director, and we are blessed with caring and sensitive undertakers locally.

The person who will be conducting the funeral will be in touch with the bereaved, and will meet them, both to be with them in their grief and to discuss the detail of the funeral service. 

Useful information about funeral services is here.

Contacts which may be helpful in bereavement are here.

A prayer for those who are bereaved
Beloved God,
the power of your unending love
will see us through the times
when we feel empty and bereft.
When the days are long and desolate
draw us to your heart.
Reassure us that the love we share
with one another
will go on into eternity.
Beloved God, thank you for love
that is stronger than death.