We are delighted that you want to explore confirmation.

It is important to see confirmation as a part of your journey in faith in Christ and not in isolation – a process of exploration as much as a destination.

It is very usual nowadays for people to be confirmed as adults: there is no right or wrong age. There is no upon age limit, and indeed the experiences of later life – redundancy, retirement, bereavement – often open up new possibilities of exploration.

We would normally expect those to be confirmed to be twelve years old or more. Younger children may be admitted to Holy Communion – that is to say, may receive Holy Communion with the support of their families, after a short course of preparation.

In all instances, the wisest next step is to talk to the clergy or a trusted Christian friend. They will accompany you, and support and encourage you; and they will be encouraged by your exploration.

There is more about Confirmation here.