Getting married

The popularity of the churches within the Knaresborough Team Ministry for weddings is based upon a number of factors: we have beautiful, well-maintained churches that provide the ideal setting for a traditional wedding; through our Administrator, who is the first point of contact for couples, and the clergy and congregations, we offer a warm welcome to all couples; we benefit from the wedding receptions offered at Goldsborough Hall and other local venues and from the many local people who want to return to their family home for their wedding.

To be married in the Knaresborough churches one of the couple needs to live in the parish, to worship in the parish, or to have a "qualifying connection". The qualifying connection may be a family connection to the parish - they may have grown up here or they or their parents may have been married here. To qualify by worship we look to regular attendance for a period of at least six months.

All this is governed by English Law so the clergy have to ensure we get it right! Some people like the idea of getting married in a church but think they are being hypocritical because they do not usually attend Sunday services. Please do not let this become a barrier for you; what is important to us is that you have a good experience of God through the services we conduct. Each couple will have at least one meeting with the priest who will conduct their wedding, It's a chance to get to know them better and to help them tailor their wedding to their needs and to the church where it will happen. Then, usually a day or two before the service, we will meet with the bridal party and others involved in the service to a have a rehearsal in church.

There is much more information and advice about church weddings here.